Born by the charming coastlines of Monastir, Tunisia. Latifa Hizem’s grew up close to her father who took her on long walks on the beach, taught her how to fish, and told her countless bedtime stories, ultimately sparking up her creativity. Her mother on the other hand passed down her passion for sewing, embroidery and music. Together, they ingrained within her a love for nature, an eye for all things beautiful, and a strong work ethic.

After receiving a degree in Mathematics and Accounting in France, Hizem went on to take a position as head of a large industrial textile company in Tunisia for 3 years. In 1995, she relocated once again to France to launch her own ready-to-wear label, “CAROLINA”, which was known for combining Calais lace with raw materials like denim and linen.

The label reached high success, opening 6 retail locations in France (Deauville, Le Touquet, Juan the pines, Sanary, Bandoll, Harnes), as well as two wholesale shops in Paris. Carolina is also sold in Estonia, USA, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Lebanon, and Germany.

Throughout her time in France, Latifa maintained her connection with her native Tunisia in more ways than one. She currently serves as a jury-member of ESMOD Tunisia, the country’s most renowned school of fashion and modelling. She also took part in the 10th anniversary of TEXMED Salon, by founding the “Chocolate Dress” even with the help of the the French embassy in Tunisia’s head chef, Carlos Marchal and stylist Hichem Naffati. For the second edition, she will be collaborating with stylist Salah Barka, for one of the most coveted events of TEXMED.

After living in France for 15 years, Latifa returned to Tunisia once again. This time, as the General Manager of 3 offshore textile companies. After four years, she was looking for a challenge and began a journey of travels all throughout Tunisia from large cities to the smallest villages—all the while identifying and learning about the craftsmanship and intangible wealth her country has to offer.

Her travels led to magical, festinating encounters that ultimately inspired her to create a platform that highlights her native’s long history with craftsmanship—one that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Thus, the birth of “ASHKAN”, an artisanal brand, whose name means ‘passionate’ in Arabic—an ode to the value of Tunisian craftsmanship, and a chance to bring forward the contemporary culture to those all over the world. The brand was run for three years, and gained a loyal community of buys who appreciated the ethics behind the label.

Always in search of new adventures, Latifa later collaborated with Rambourg Foundation for their “L’EVEIL D’UNE NATION” exhibit, creating a capsule collection inspired by the era of Tunisian Beys. She also was in charge of setting up the museum’s boutique, creating a harmonious experience for visitors.

As one with a wealth of knowledge on both Eastern and Western culture, Latifa has a unique ability to travel between the contemporary and the traditional. Combined with her love for craftsmanship and authenticity, she created the brand “NAKSHA” with the goal of taking others on a historical journey, highlighting all aspects of life and the passion between people..